Please select the most suitable clinical situation for your patient

  1. Iron-deficiency anemia (malabsorption syndrome excluded)
  2. Hematochezia (without IBD). Patient hemodynamically stable.
  3. Lower abdominal symptoms (chronic constipation / lower abdominal pain / bloating) of at least 3 months duration, without known inflammatory bowel disease, without anemia and without FOBT positive stools, with or without empirical IBS therapy. No risk factors for colorectal cancer.
  4. Uncomplicated diarrhea (infectious or malabsorption origin excluded and without known IBD). No anemia. No bleeding. No risk factors for colorectal cancer. No HIV / AIDS. With or without empirical treatment.
  5. Evaluation of known ulcerative colitis (UC), excluding surveillance for cancer.
  6. Evaluation of known Crohn's disease (CD), excluding surveillance for cancer.
  7. Surveillance for colorectal cancer in patients with known inflammatory bowel diseases.
  8. Surveillance after colonic polypectomy; follow-up colonoscopy (complete colonoscopy, bowel preparation adequate, patient actually asymptomatic, life expectancy >10 years). Familial polyposis, HNPCC and hyperplastic polyposis syndrome excluded.
  9. Surveillance after curative intent resection of colorectal cancer
  10. Screening for colorectal cancer
  11. Miscellaneous indications

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